An Interview with Jeremy and Kate Storm

It’s time for another interview in our series “The Most Interesting Travelers In The World”! Today’s interview is with Jeremy & Kate Storm. They’re full-time travelers and write a fantastic blog at Our Escape Clause.

What inspired your love of travel – how did you get started?

Our love of travel goes back as far as we can remember, but the true addiction set in during our first trip to Paris in late 2013.

It was our first time in Europe, second time leaving the USA, and we intended for the trip to get the travel bug out of our system so we could then focus on building “normal” adult lives.

Instead, we followed that trip up with visits to Mexico, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, and Ireland within a year, and set off on a 6-month RTW trip in May 2016.

The RTW trip turned into an open-ended nomadic life, and more than 2.5 years and nearly 40 countries later, we’re still on the road and traveling full time!

Tell us about your favorite style of traveling…luxury or budget? Packing heavy or light? On the go or laid back?

When it comes to travel, we try to do everything in moderation: midrange budget, middle-of-the-road amount of luggage, and we balance hectic travel days with laid back ones.

Since we work on the road, we probably have more laid back days than most–but that’s just part of traveling full time!

What’s your favorite travel story: the weirdest, or funniest, or most exciting, or most beautiful trip you’ve ever been on?

Oh, goodness–there are too many to list!

Some particularly incredible experiences have been camping in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, watching a volcano erupt from our campsite in Guatemala, spotting a manta ray while scuba diving in Mozambique, going on the quintessential hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, and everything about exploring Italy in-depth–we’ve spent a month in each Florence, Bologna, and Rome in addition to other explorations in Italy, and we love them all!

What advice do you have specifically for couple travelers?

Work as a team.

The chores may look different on the road–less worries about scrubbing bathrooms, more concerns about choosing the next hotel or apartment–but it’s important not to let all the work fall on one person.

We have a divide-and-conquer strategy where we both handle different tasks (for example, I book all flights and Jeremy handles all ground transportation), and the system works well for us.

What would you say to encourage someone who wants to travel but is afraid to because of cost, time, etc.?

If you truly want to take a trip, know that it’s feasible, but are just scared–book it. Now.

Once you have the money and time (even if you’re worried about not having as much as you’d like of either), that’s the hardest part. Once you book something nonrefundable–a flight, a hotel, something–suddenly it becomes real.

From there, the planning becomes much easier, as you have a starting point to build your trip around, and you’ve given yourself an excuse not to back out.

We have never regretted a single trip that we have taken–even when they don’t turn out the way we planned.

What are your top 3 tips for newbie or wanna-be travelers?

Our top three tips for new travelers would be:

  1. Expect for things to go wrong (because they will)
  2. Never plan more than a month at a time (because things will change)
  3. Always try the local food (because whether you like it or not, you’ll never regret the first bite)

About Jeremy & Kate Storm:

We are full-time travelers dedicated to following our passions to wherever sounds funky or fun, dazzling or delicious, wild or whimsical, ridiculous or romantic.

However, our lives haven’t always looked like this: in our decade together, we have collected a couple of degrees, logged too many hours in office jobs, bought a house, sold a house, and much more before eventually making our way from having never left the USA to being full-time travelers.

More than two years after leaving on that first one-way ticket, we’re still all about working together to explore this incredibly beautiful world that we are lucky enough to live in.



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